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If you’re looking for a collaborative session to create a plan for achieving short and long term goals, our Hourly Planning service is for you.


Due To Overwhelming Demand, We Are Temporarily Not Taking New Hourly Planning Inquiries.

Your Goals Are The Focus

Our sole agenda at Saltbox is supporting your goals and offering our expertise to help you get there. Hourly Planning is a great place for new clients to start, bringing your short or long-term goals to our sessions and working collaboratively to make a plan. We’ll talk honestly in a safe and open space about all of your concerns, and create a strategy unique to you.


  • Retirement preparedness 

  • Cash Flow

  • Assets and Liabilities

  • Educational Planning

  • Outside Investments

  • Insurance Needs

  • Estate Planning

  • Planned Donations 

  • Tax Planning

Topics We Can Cover:

Much like going to the doctor, we recommend our Hourly Planning clients check in annually for reviews of their finances and progress updates. There can be many changes in life circumstances, the economy, and stock markets, which may affect our recommendations.

Annual Check-ins

Rates + Payment

Our Hourly rate is

$350 to work with a Principal Advisor and 

$275 to work with an Associate Advisor

Initial meetings are typically 

90 minutes


with 2–4 hours of follow up.


Total time needed will depend on the topics you’re interested in and the complexity of your situation.


Fee-Only Means
We Put Your Interests First

We have no agenda other than serving you with the best possible advice and wisdom. We don’t take commissions or sell products.

Rarely if ever are financial conversations simple or emotionless. They can be painful, scary, or vulnerable. At SALTBOX we seek to create an open space free of judgement or critique. We’re here to meet you where you’re at.

We're Here to Listen.

We're Great At This.

Our advisors are deeply experienced, passionate and certified to give quality and up-to-date guidance. We love what we do and we get joy out of helping you feel better about your finances and future.

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