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You’ll receive fiduciary advice from Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), FINRA Registered Investment Advisors and NAPFA Registered Financial Advisors – the highest caliber designations for investment professionals.

We are a “triple fiduciary.”

Advice You Can Trust From A Triple Fiduciary



If you’re looking for comprehensive financial planning and expert guidance and implementation of your investments, choose our Investment Management service.

Defining Your Goals Together

Through our honest, supportive, and in-depth conversations, we’ll work together to define and develop your goals. Together, we’ll complete an investment policy statement outlining these goals, and your Saltbox advisor will work hard to achieve these goals.

How It Works

  • Retirement preparedness 

  • Cash Flow

  • Assets and Liabilities

  • Educational Planning

  • Outside Investments

  • Insurance Needs

  • Estate Planning

  • Planned Donations 

  • Tax Planning

We Will Assess:

We’ll conduct careful research to select passive and actively managed ETFs and mutual funds that have a strong long-term performance, exceptional fund managers and reasonable operating expenses. In additional to pooled investment vehicles, individual stocks and bonds can be core components in client portfolios.

Comprehensive Research

Asset Transfer

Your advisor will assist in all aspects of transferring, investing, and tax strategizing across all your accounts.

Our simple annual fee means you keep more of your assets.

Fee Structure

Annual fee (%)

by asset volume


We Take Fewer Clients, So You Get More Attention.

We're a boutique firm taking on a select number of clients with shared values. That means we have more time to devote to each client, and the staff resources to support you.

We use the best technology and software in the industry to protect your privacy and give you an incredible experience. Track your performance, easily and securely share files, and see all of our plans in real time.

Industry-Leading Technology For a Great Client Experience.

We're Great At This.

Our advisors are deeply experienced, passionate and certified to give quality and up-to-date guidance. We love what we do and we get joy out of helping you feel better about your finances and future.

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