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Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals and have the best possible planning experience.




Principal Financial Advisor

Vera (she/her) is a financial planner with a fascination for the many resources in our world: the land, our families and communities built through individual and shared labor, and the material and immaterial wealth that we build, grow or inherit. Vera believes that how we manage our resources and make decisions around capital are some of the most important questions we may be faced with in life.


Vera majored in Economics, and studied in the heterodox tradition at Sarah Lawrence College. This course of study deepened her interest in understanding and knowing the history of our economic system, and the material conditions that affect our decision making. She completed further studies in the field of Behavioral Economics before turning to work in the nonprofit industry. Vera deployed her logistical, organizing and accounting skills to support organic farming ventures, serve on publisher editorial boards, and consult with cooperatively-run enterprises.


The world of financial planning piqued her interest as a way to bring together planning, education and action to empower clients in their understanding of their personal finances. She is committed to a holistic and informed approach to financial planning and management.


Vera was born in Massachusetts, educated in New York, and lived in Boston for several years before relocating to southern New Hampshire in 2016. Vera lives with her dog, several houseplants and chickens.

Leslie (she/her) is a financial planner by trade and storyteller by heart. She believes there is no such thing as being “good” or “bad” with money and that everyone makes the best decisions possible with the resources they have. Leslie takes an educational approach to financial planning and is known around the office for her long email explanations to make sure clients understand financial topics. 


Leslie started her career in journalism, where she learned how to listen to what people weren’t saying and understand how economic status, gender, and race influenced available decisions. During that time, Leslie learned how to comb through municipal and school budgets, reported extensively on the local housing market, and regularly covered politics and legislative issues. Her communication background later translated into a position as a Publications Associate for a local investment advisory firm that specializes in working with foundations and nonprofits.


Leslie has also spent two decades working in the hospitality industry, a skill she brings to her care and warm approach to clients. She specializes in working with clients within the hospitality industry who have unique financial planning needs around uneven income and accessing benefits outside the traditional employer model.  


Leslie received her CFP® designation in 2023. She holds a Bachelor’s of Journalism and Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. A native Chicagoan, Leslie moved to New England in 2007. She’s always eager to chat with a fellow Midwesterner, but cannot imagine life without the mountains and the ocean. Leslie’s home is in southern New Hampshire with her cat, Clark, and dog, Luke.

Associate Financial Advisor





Associate Financial Advisor

Brie (she/her) returned to her hometown of San Antonio, Texas after she earned her CFP® while living in Indianapolis. She has previously worked at several fee-only financial planning firms serving to a diverse set of clients. We're excited that she will soon have openings for new financial planning clients.

Allie (she/her) lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two children. After completing her degree in Business Administration, she passed her Series 7 and 66. She has previously worked for a traditional wealth management firm before joining our team.

Operations + Planning Associate



Director of Operations/Tax Specialist

Keira (she/her) joined Saltbox in 2020 as Director of Operations. She has a Bachelor's degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and worked for many years as a surgical and emergency veterinary technician before transitioning to Operations Manager of her household.

With her children now teenagers, Keira applies her scientific approach to all things logistical and is the Saltbox "office Mom". Keira is a New Englander through and through. She was born and raised in Massachusetts leaving only briefly to attend college in New Hampshire. She is known for her very large cups of coffee and her generous use of exclamation points!

Keira lives in Northeastern Massachusetts with with her husband, two children, two dogs and two chinchillas. When not at her desk or at home, she can be found on the sidelines of a field, a wrestling mat, a dojo, or driving somewhere in between.



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